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Cost of small inground pools. The cost of a small inground swimming pool depends on two main factors: The size of the pool, and the material used to build it. As you already know, fiberglass and vinyl are the most affordable. So from there, it comes down to the size of the pool. A small pool will always be more affordable than a big pool. That

The average cost of a 12'x24' fiberglass inground pool is around $60,000 installed. Can a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground? Fiberglass pools cannot pop out of the ground on their own. They can, however, be lifted out in one piece if replacement or refill of the pool area is desired. Do fiberglass pools last?

Small fiberglass inground pools The fiberglass pool is one of a kind. Unlike its counter part of concrete inground pools, these fiberglass looks pleasant and easier to maintain. You can simply buy a whole complete pool and install it yourself with a few handy man.

A fiberglass pool offers a number of advantages over other types of pools. It doesn't require liner replacements like vinyl-liner pools, and unlike concrete pools, it never needs resurfacing. Fiberglass pools are sturdy yet flexible, and repairs are easily made onsite.

Inground fiberglass swimming pool 16x35x3'6"-6'5". Condition is New. Available in all shapes and sizes. These are the highest quality pools on the market. Trilogy is a Latham Pool company. I'm a certified dealer in Des Moines IA. Pools can be shipped all over the lower 48 States.

Our small fiberglass pools range in size from small to medium to large pool shells & kits. There are quite a few different small fiberglass pools available. Our small fiberglass pools have been popular choices for many many years. Models & Shapes