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How To Install A Pool Solar Heater. Swimming in freezing cold water is great if you are a member of the polar bear club - the other 364 days per year it would nice to have water above 80 degrees (26 degrees Celsius). The problem is that swimming pool heating is extremely expensive.

Solar pool heaters generally work in one of three ways. Some are still electric, using solar power as their supply, which is the best way to apply solar to heating much of anything. However, this relies on a lot of direct sunlight, as well as a battery array to store the power to continue functioning into the night.

The solar pool heater must be efficient to warm up your pool water. It's efficiency to heat the water must be high so that you can enjoy hot and warm water all through the year. You need to have a pool heater which has the potential to heat a medium-sized pool from 78 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating and maintaining a swimming pool can be very costly. This expense can be significantly reduced by using solar energy. There are numerous solar energy options available, and the success you have using it will depend on your climate, the size of your pool and the way you choose to heat your water.

Solar Heating for swimming pools has always been a good idea, free heat from the sun is always preferable to a large gas or electric bill, but just how good are the solar heating products available? If you really want the best solar heating there is then you need the vacuum tube type heater.

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