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Conned by a Fly-by-Night Pool Builder Why you should use a pool contractor who belongs to the NSPI South Africa's building industry is rife with problems, so whether you are building a house or a swimming pool, it is essential

Public safety and swimming pools is a National Building Regulation and is applicable whether plans had to be submitted or not. Read more on our page SANS 10400 Part D - Public safety.. The City of Johannesburg put forward planned by-law amendments in 2009 to regulate safety around swimming pools in the Johannesburg area.

Internationally, pool safety laws are very strict and South Africa is following this trend. A draft By-Law for the Safe Guarding of Swimming Pools has also been proposed to the City of Johannesburg, as legislation based purely around the safety-proofing of swimming pools.

The regulations governing pool fencing can be found in local bylaws (i.e. not in the building regulations). However, pool fencing in SA should be manufactured to SABS specifications (though I am not sure that this is enforced) and it should be at least 1,2 m high with gaps that are no more than 100 mm.

During the design of the pool hall and pool be sure to allow sufficient space for a plant room. The planning rules and building regulations on indoor swimming pools also apply to hot tubs housing and sauna cabins. Building regulations will need to be adhered to with regards to ventilation. Find out more about permitted development for outbuildings.

The Municipal Manager of the Municipality of Modimolle, in terms of section 13 of the Local Government; Municipal System Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), read with section 162 of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996(Act 108 of 1996), publishes the Modimolle Local Municipality: Swimming Pools and Spa Baths By-laws which have been approved by the Municipal Council.